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Alaskan native with roots in the Pacific Northwest, Caryn's music ignites soul and spirit through hopeful transparency.


Born in Southeast Alaska to minister parents, Caryn's musical influence can be attributed as much to her upbringing in the church as well as to the raw talent that runs through her blood. Caryn's particular music style is a mix between indie rock and americana.


Caryn gigs around the Pacific Northwest at concert venues, festivals, charity events and even the occasional home show. For those who know Caryn, she juggles multiple hats as a worship leader at her home church, wedding singer, songwriter, music teacher, momma, wife, podcaster, and creative. 


In everything that Caryn puts her hands to, you can see she carries a heart to build up, equip leaders, and support mama’s with children of special needs. Her pride and joy is being a mom! Caryn has a passion for partnering and collaborating with others in their giftings and encourages them to discover freedom in areas they may be stuck in or bound by. 


When Caryn is not writing, leading worship, or teaching music lessons, you will most likely find her home taking care of her littles, drinking chai in a local coffee shop, creating new podcast content, or enjoying a walk in nature with her family. 

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